Tru Cutz

Case overview

Tru Cutz, nestled just North of 79th and Biscayne, has emerged as a cornerstone of the Miami community. Founded by Nicolas Tru García, a seasoned master barber with 19 years of experience, Tru Cutz Inc. has not only revitalized the barbering scene but also served as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking a fresh start. Offering a second chance to many, Tru Cutz has nurtured aspiring barbers, instilling in them business management skills and fostering a culture of integrity and respect. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, Tru Cutz ensures that all individuals, regardless of race, religion, or sexuality, are valued and celebrated.

The primary objective of our collaboration with Tru Cutz was to position them as a leading brand in Miami’s barber industry. Our comprehensive approach included developing a robust brand identity, crafting a targeted marketing strategy, advising on expansion to multiple locations, enhancing their online presence, and creating marketing materials that reflect their commitment to excellence. Additionally, we assisted in the launch of an educational platform aimed at training barbers and maintaining quality control. Together, we worked towards elevating Tru Cutz to new heights of success while staying true to their core values of inclusivity and exceptional service.

  • Business consulting: Providing strategic guidance and advice on various aspects of business operations, including expansion plans, organizational management, and customer relations.

  • Brand strategy: Crafting a comprehensive brand strategy to define Tru Cutz’s unique value proposition, target audience, brand positioning, and key messaging pillars. This includes identifying competitive advantages, establishing brand differentiation, and outlining strategies for brand growth and longevity.

  • Product development: We extended our partnership with Tru Cutz by assisting in the development of two innovative initiatives: TruWiitness, a barber product brand, and TruCutz Academy. With TruWiitness, we supported the creation of a full-blown ecommerce store, providing Tru Cutz with an additional revenue stream. Meanwhile, our involvement in TruCutz Academy focused on product development, where we collaborated to develop new educational courses aligning with their brand values and clientele needs. This initiative included establishing a comprehensive university platform dedicated to training aspiring barbers to the highest standards of excellence. By offering top-tier educational programs, Tru Cutz ensures they attract and retain the best quality talent, further solidifying their reputation as industry leaders.
  • Logo design: Crafting a distinctive and memorable logo that captures the essence of Tru Cutz’s brand identity.

  • Brand guide: Developing a comprehensive brand guide to ensure consistency in visual elements, messaging, and tone across all communications.

  • Marketing strategy: Creating a tailored marketing strategy to effectively reach and engage Tru Cutz’s target audience, driving brand awareness and customer acquisition.

  • Website design and development: Designing and developing a professional, user-friendly website that showcases Tru Cutz’s services, location information, and booking capabilities.

  • Video and photography: Producing high-quality video and photography content to visually communicate Tru Cutz’s brand story, showcase their services, and engage their audience effectively.

  • Marketing Collateral: From designing eye-catching signage and branded stationery to creating engaging social media content and attractive packaging, we ensure that Tru Cutz maintains a cohesive brand identity across all touchpoints. Whether it’s developing promotional merchandise, crafting compelling social media assets, or designing functional packaging, our comprehensive approach ensures that every interaction reflects the essence of Tru Cutz’s brand. By harmonizing elements such as signage, stationery, merchandise, social media assets, packaging, and more, we contribute to Tru Cutz’s brand recognition and customer engagement, driving long-term success in the barber industry.