DJ Francis King

Case overview

DJ Francis King has been a staple in the electronic music scene, known for his electrifying sets and a deep connection with his audience. Despite his success, DJ Francis King felt his brand didn’t fully reflect the evolution of his music and personality. Seeking a fresh, modern identity that resonated with both existing fans and new audiences, he turned to Diamond Tier Agency for a comprehensive rebrand.


  • The existing brand identity of DJ Francis King was outdated and didn’t align with the contemporary aesthetic of the music industry.
  • The client’s online presence needed a significant overhaul to enhance user engagement and showcase his talent more effectively.
  • There was a need for high-quality content to better engage with the audience and portray the unique experience of DJ Francis King’s performances.


  • Brand Re-Design: We simplified and modernized DJ Francis King’s logo, transforming it into a sleek, memorable emblem that reflects his dynamic presence in the music industry. The new logo design is adaptable across various mediums, ensuring brand consistency.
  • Brand Guide Development: A comprehensive brand guide was created, detailing the usage of the new logo, color palette, typography, and additional visual elements. This guide ensures cohesive brand messaging across all platforms and collateral.
  • Modern UI/UX Website Design: The redesign of DJ Francis King’s website focused on modern UI/UX principles, offering fans a seamless, engaging online experience. The site features an intuitive layout, responsive design, and integrates social media and music streaming platforms to connect with his audience effectively.
  • Video Production: We produced captivating video content, including footage shot on a luxurious yacht complemented by drone videography. This not only showcased DJ Francis King’s magnetic performances but also highlighted the lifestyle associated with his brand. The video serves as a powerful promotional tool on the website and social media.
  • Professional Photography: Our team conducted a professional photo shoot, capturing a range of images from live performance energy to more intimate, behind-the-scenes moments. These photographs are used across the website, promotional materials, and social media to visually tell the story of DJ Francis King.
  • Stationery and Promotional Assets: A suite of stationary and promotional assets, including business cards and flyers, was designed to align with the new brand identity. These materials are used at events and in networking opportunities to provide a consistent and professional brand experience.